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Welcome to our Gear and Gifts page.

Pictured on this page are examples of gear and gifts we carry, you may call 1.316.621.0600 for more information, or
Email Kansas Saddlery. To order go to our BUY NOW page.

Cowboy and Horse GEAR at the TOP of page, GIFTS are found on the BOTTOM HALF of the page...NOTE Kansas Saddlery is making a transition to selling only American and domestic made gear and goods. Watch for our new items and soon our Cowboy Co op Artisian group !

PLEASE go to our Buy Now page for more items, BUY NOW


Balding heavy ring snaffle, iron with stainless dots, copper inlay mouth, NEW $249.00 includes shipping.

Flagler hand tied "spring cinchas" short for young horses, 100% mohair, as shown 27", 25", 24 1/2", we can tie as short as you want, $51.50 about $5.00 for shipping.

First quality gear item we make is our best selling rawhide lined training hobble. Top picture is our latigo broke horse hobble, very tough, stainless hardware, comes in 1 1/4, 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 inch widths, $95.00. Bottom picture shows our Alumbaugh training hobble. This hobble is completly lined with rawhide, billet lined with poly webbing. These hobbles will not stretch out of shape, collapse or break. The best pair made for serious hobble training. $125.00.

Call 1.316.621.0600 to order or more info...

Jim Mckinney's rawhide hondas $50.00.

Alex Zell hondas, with "tails" $45.00.

Rawhide rein to chain connectors, $18.00 pair

Call 1.316.621.0600 to order or more info, or email Kansas Saddlery

We take VISA, Mastercard, checks and money orders.


Below are examples of gear we make. Western Horseman featured our exclusive latigo bit hobble. Shannon workin' on 'em on a Sunday! They are $27.00, very punchy!

Call 1.316.621.0600 to order. Email Kansas Saddlery


Flagler hand tied cinchas of 100% Mohair, custom lengths, roper or straight style. We also can RETIE on your old rings or dees, or choose new stainless steel or solid brass. Your choice of natural, dark grey heather, sorrel and soon sage cord body colors. Centers can be same color as body or we offer red, black or a golden brown color for centers, bars or half diamonds.

Above cincha is our exclusive 22 strand roper, good for the reiners and cutters...cinch prices start at $59.50, reties deduct $8.00 for your dees from custom orders. Call 1.316.621.0600 to place order and exact prices.

We make a real good fitting pulling collar and a Dorrance style collar, both pictured below. The average price on a single heavy ply harness leather pulling collar is $130.00, prices for the Dorrance start at $110.00. These prices may vary depending on the type and options you choose.

Call 1.316.621.0600 to order. Email Kansas Saddlery


Below is another great item for the bunk house leather repair bench, pro quality hole punch, $38.00, replaceable tubes and anvils.

Stainless steel shears with serrated edges, these will cut rope up to one inch with no effort, nylon, poly, cotton, hair, doesn't matter, $32.00.

Bull snaps 1" nickle over brass, extra large size makes this a gate chain deluxe, $6.50.


Call 1.316.745.0043 to order. Email Kansas Saddlery

D J Quinn's super duty mustache wax! $9.50, this stuff really holds!

Runnin W Knot playing cards, very unique, great for those knots you have always wanted to tie, but don't want to carry the book!...each card shows a different, easy to follow knot to tie, 52 in all! $10.00, the best easy gift idea we sell!!

Call 1.316.621.0600 to order or more info. Email Kansas Saddlery


More gift items on our BUY NOW page!

Thanks for stopping at our site, call 316.621.0600 to order, come back often, a lot changes around here.....!

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